Sherrie Winfield 

For Northville School  Board



We all win with Winfield 

Why I'm Running 


My name is Sherrie Winfield and I am running for the Northville Board of Education.  The number 1 reason my family moved to Northville 16 years ago was the high ranking of the school system.  I am the proud mother of Rachel-NHS Class of 2018 and Victoria-NHS Class of 2023.  While I have been happy with the academic standards of the school system; I believe in continuous improvement.  I represent a story, a voice and a demographic that is presently missing from the BOE.  Given this point in our nation's history, it is critical to bring our community together.  Now is the time for us to build on the past, acknowledge the present and prepare our children for the future.  As a part of the district's vision and goals, I intend to focus on the following:


W for Wellness

  • Promoting Mental Health Awareness and  Resources to address the increasing pressure students are facing today


I for Inclusion

  • Fostering a climate where each child feels valued and respected

N for Nurture

  • Ensuring that each child feels safe and protected while learning during the pandemic and beyond

I am confident that my 16 years of raising my kids in the Northville School System; my educational background; and my 28 years at Ford Motor Company as a Senior Human Resources Manager uniquely qualifies me to bring essential and relevant skills to our district on behalf of all our children.

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